Brazilian Butt Lift Expert Dr. Neil C. Goodman can sculpt you a slimmer trimmer figure and a lifted, shapely buttocks with a simple and safe procedure called the Brazilian Butt Lift which he has perfected. And with his vast experience the procedure costs much less than at other Facilities and financing as low as $149/Month.*

  • Fat Removed from Problem Areas is Transferred to the Buttocks with advanced fat grafting techniques.
  • Results are a lifted and youthful buttocks and  a more sensual profile*
  • Safe, quick and easy with local Anesthesia –  No General Anesthesia Risks!
  • Walk-in, Walk-out – Easy Recovery
  • Fills the upper quadrant of your buttocks making the butt lifted and perky*

brazilian-buttliftThe Brazilian Butt lift is a natural butt enhancement that uses your own fat sculpted with Smart Liposuction from from areas you don’t want fat. Unwanted fat is processed and then transferred to the buttocks to add needed volume for a more youthful, prominent and perky buttocks and a more sensual profile. There are no risks of General Anesthesia, as in the skilled hands hands of Palm Beach’s Brazilian Butt lift expert only local anesthesia is needed. You can walk in and walk out with the figure you desire plus a perfectly shaped and sexy buttocks in one safe, simple, and affordable procedure.

Dr. Goodman MD, PC, PhD, FACOG, FAACS, Board Certified and Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Smart Liposuction & Brazilian Butt Lift Expert

Dr. Neil C. Goodman Dr. Goodman  is known as one of the top laser liposuction and fat grafting experts in the Nation. Dr. Goodman specializes in Smart laser liposuction and  fat transfer to buttocks, breast and face and has performed over 5000 Smart liposuction and fat transfer procedures. Dr. Goodman is a truly gifted Cosmetic Surgeon and  Smart Liposuction expert who will deliver you the body of your dreams and a beautiful and sexy buttocks.* Dr. Neil Goodman, removes fat from selected areas of your body sculpting that part of your body and then injects these fat cells into specific areas of the buttocks using advanced fat grafting techniques.

  • He has performed over 5500 of these specific procedures
  • Has a huge library of his before and after photos which he will share with you
  • More affordable and more experienced – Stunning results
  • Is a body sculpting artist ….not just a lipo or fat removal surgeon
  • The procedure delivers a more attractive and more sensuous appearance
  • Butt injections as a butt augmentation procedure also have the advantage of being safer and much less invasive than butt implants, and the results look more natural.


    Dr. Goodman can help you too!

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    The Joint Commission National Quality Approval - Dr. Neil C. Goodman
    Joint Commission Accreditation & Gold Seal of Approval, Board Certified Surgeon Dr. Neil Goodman is able to remove up to 4 liters of fat, which is 4 times more than liposuction procedures at other non accredited facilities.


    Brazilian Butt Lift – Dr. Neil C. Goodman’s Specialty

    The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure not only reshapes the buttocks but also adds volume to the buttock so that the butt is lifted and perky. Dr. Goodman is one of the original pioneers of the Brazilian Butt Lift and is an undisputed expert at this amazing figure enhancing surgery. With more than 5,500 procedures performed you benefit greatly from having an experienced surgeon sculpting your body.

    Sculpt your Buttocks for a Full and Perky Figure*

    Dr. Neil C. Goodman is one of the original pioneers of the Brazilian Butt Lift and is an undisputed expert at this amazing figure enhancing surgery. He has the experience to give you the body you have been striving for. During your consultation, you we will see results from his former patients – someone with a body just like you – so you’ll have a clear example of how your procedure will turn out. Ask today how fat injections to the butt can improve your figure.*

    The Brazilian butt lift procedure uses fat from other problem areas in the body (typically the thighs or abdomen) and with fat grafting techniques relocates it to the buttocks. In essence, it turns a problem into an asset!*

    Brazilian Butt Lift


    The Brazilian Butt Lift is typically an $8,500 – $10,000 procedure at other facilities but unparalleled experience allows Dr. Goodman to perform this procedure at an affordable price. Brazilian Butt lift requires a minimum of 2 areas of Liposuction for sufficient fat. Liposuction of 3 areas is typically around $4995 but depends on the volume of fat removed and the size of the patient and areas. The cost for fat transfer depends on the amount of fat required to achieve the results desired but may add an additional $1500 -$2500. Fees are based on amount of liposuction and fat transfer required and therefore will be higher for larger areas and large and very large patients.

    Note: Dr. Goodman will quote you an individual price during your free consultation. This specific consultation quote will include all advertised discounts and will be the absolute lowest price based on your individual consultation and procedure.

    Financing options are available. Consultations are Complimentary

    You can schedule a FREE consultation with us to discuss your individual needs with you and answer any questions you may have about Brazilian butt lifts.

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    "I definitely had problem fat on my abs, hips, and thighs lower buttock area and it made it difficult for me to get clothes to fit my figure. The exercise and dieting routines I did didn't effect those areas. There are several SmartLipo centers that I could go to but I chose Radiance because I had a friend who also had the procedure done there and she told me about Dr Salvador and looked great. I felt safer going there considering that it was a certified Smart Lipo training center. I am so glad that I did as I am now a well-sculpted and happy client with a beautiful derriere."

    - Tracy B.

    "For the first time in many years, I love my body. For all those women out there who have problem fat. I highly recommend SmartLipo. It is 4 weeks from fatty to walking around in a bikini. If you want to finally feel good about yourself; call New Radiance and schedule a free consult with Dr. Goodman."

    -Natalie C.

    "Following the delivery of my third child, I was left with a tummy with a bulge of fat that nothing I did could persuade it to go away. I also had sagging, loose skin that I felt it looked terrible. I didn't ever want to put a bathing suit on again. SmartLipo Ultra laser liposuction at Radiance Liposculpture Center perfected my tummy, leaving me looking almost the way I looked like prior to my kids, doing wonders for my figure and self confidence. I can now even wear a bikini. Thank you Radiance."

    - Cynthia S

    "Smart Lipo Ultra has done for me what years of diet and exercise couldn’t. I had a double chin and wobbly underarms so that short sleeves were embarrassing. Now, my unflattering upper arm fat is gone and my neck and chin make me look 40 pounds lighter plus my skin feels smoother and tighter. Sleeveless clothes are now part of my wardrobe again for the first time in years.

    Thank you Dr Goodman"

    - Tracy H.

    "I decided to look into SmartLipo because my stomach weight always came back. I chose Radiance after interviewing many different surgeons and researching different possibilities for weight loss and body contouring. I wanted to make sure my investment was not a disappointment! I am very happy with my results; I finally have nice definition and my stomachis still shrinking every day! I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone with chronic weight gain in hard to lose areas!"

    - Dawn P.


      Dr. Goodman can help you too!

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