Brazilian Butt Lift Before and After Photos*

These photos show actual results from  Dr. Goodman’s Brazilian Butt Lift procedure on 75 different patients. Please take your time viewing these before and after Liposuction with  Fat Transfer to buttocks (Brazilian Butt Lift) and see the stunning results of experience that comes with 5500 liposuction and fat transfer cases. These Before and After Photos have not been altered except that tattoos & nudity are covered to comply with online policies. Fat transfer to breasts and face can substantially improve attributes and we invire you to see these galleries as well. Laser liposuction also has the added benefits of d skin tightening.

*Individual patient’s results vary, no two will ever exactly match another before and after result.

Dr. Neil C. Goodman's Brazilian Butt Lifts*

Brazilian Buttlift womanLiposuction results before and afterBrazilian Buttlift results Before & after 1 monthBrazilian Buttlift resultss6Liposuction photo2Brazilian Buttlift after 4 MonthsBrazilian Buttlift 2 Months resultsBrazilian Buttlift before and afterBrazilian Buttlift photo5Brazilian Buttlift before and after results photoBrazilian Buttlift after 2 MonthsBrazilian Buttlift 2 MonthsBrazilian Buttlift 1 YearBrazilian Buttlift photo7Brazilian Buttlift photo before and after 2Brazilian Buttlift after and beforeBrazilian Buttlift before and after photo resultsBrazilian Buttlift photo before and afterBrazilian Butt Liposuction
Brazilian Buttlift 31 Y/O 1 YearBrazilian Buttlift 31 Y/OBrazilian Buttlift of 45 Y/O before and afterBrazilian Buttlift 60 Y/OBrazilian Buttlift 60 Y/O photoBrazilian Buttlift 35 Y/OBrazilian Buttlift 6 MonthsBrazilian Buttlift 20 Y/O 4 MonthsBrazilian Buttlift of 20 Y/OBrazilian Buttlift 24 Y/O 2 MonthsBrazilian Buttlift 24 Y/OBrazilian Buttlift 40 Y/OBrazilian Buttlift 4 MonthsBrazilian Buttlift 1 Month resultsBrazilian Buttlift before and after 1 MonthBrazilian Buttlift woman 3 MonthsBrazilian Buttlift of 45 Y/OBrazilian Buttlift 45 Y/OBrazilian Buttlift results1
Brazilian Buttlift treatment resultsBrazilian Buttlift 1 MonthBrazilian Buttlift of 45 Y/O results photoBrazilian Buttlift 45 Y/O resultsBrazilian Buttlift 40 Male Y/OBrazilian Buttlift 40 Y/O 6 MonthsBrazilian Buttlift 20 Y/OBrazilian Buttlift resultsBrazilian Buttlift 30 Y/OBrazilian Buttlift 50 Y/OBrazilian Buttlift 30 Y/O resultssBrazilian Buttlift of 50 Y/OBrazilian Buttlift 65 Y/OBrazilian Buttlift 55 Y/OBrazilian Buttlift results before and after photoBrazilian ButtliftBrazilian Buttlift results2Liposuction before and afterBrazilian Buttlift results before and after
Brazilian Buttlift results photo 4Brazilian Buttlift before and after resultsLiposuction photoBrazilian Buttlift results photoBrazilian Buttlift of womanBrazilian Buttlift after 1 MonthBrazilian Buttlift after 6 weeks resultssBrazilian Buttlift photoLiposuction before and after photoBrazilian Buttlift of woman results

More Brazilian Butt Lifts (Liposuction with Fat Transfer to Buttocks)*

Brazilian Buttlift LiposuctionLiposuction results photo4Brazilian Buttlift 6 weeksLiposuction results after 18 monthLiposuction resultsLiposuction before & After

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Dr.Goodman has performed over 5,500 liposuction procedures.


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