Fat Transfer to Breast in Palm Beach

Advantages of Fat Transfer to Breasts include:

  • Your fat is used so it is inherently safe and resulyts in a more natural breast
  • Breasts can be sculpted and shaped little by little with fat transfer
  • Only Local Anesthetic is needed so you are NOT under general
  • No incisions – No scarring

Breast Augmentation Via Fat Transfer

Many women are interested in enhancing their breast size, but are wary to undergo what they consider to be an unnecessary surgery, one that entails scarring and insertion of foreign synthetic implants. Moreover, the idea of “going under” general anesthetic is seen by many as disconcerting and risky. And while breast augmentation surgery is safe and effective, the above concerns are certainly understandable.

For these women, New Radiance Cosmetic Center of Palm Beach provides our clients with a viable option: Breast Augmentation Via Fat Transfer. For the right candidate, fat transfer to breasts offers the best of both worlds — breast augmentation via safe, non-surgical and more natural treatment performed under local anesthetic.

Natural breast enlargement consists of using one’s own fat harvested during liposuction to augment the breasts, also known as fat grafting to the breast. Two procedures are performed on the same day — retrieving the fat during liposuction and placement of the fat into the breasts. A substantial amount of fat is removed manually without the use of Laser or Ultrasonic machines with a harvesting cannula. The fat is then processed via centrifugation to separate out the unwanted components such as blood, oil and water. Lastly, the fat is injected meticulously using infiltration cannulas.

Breast augmentation using this technique is meticulous. Fat is fragile and must be harvested gently. Fat is placed not only so that it will create an aesthetic, natural appearance, but also so that the newly transplanted fat will survive.

Watch Video of Dr Neil Goodman’s Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer & Breast Reduction via Liposuction

Lipo And Fat Transfer breasts woman 1 Month photoLipo And Fat Transfer breasts woman 2 Months resultsLipo And Fat Transfer breasts womanLipo and Fat Transfer to Breasts Before and AfrerLipo And Fat Transfer breasts women 3 MonthsLipo And Fat Transfer to breasts woman after 4YearsLipo And Fat Transfer breasts woman 4 YearsBreast augmentaion ReductionLipo And Fat Transfer to breasts of woman 2 MonthsLipo And Fat Transfer breasts of woman after 2 Months resultsLipo and Fat Transfer to breastsBreast Augmentaion woman 4 MonthsBreast Augmentaion woman
*Individual results will vary and may not exactly match Before & Afters.

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