Say Goodbye to that Double Chin with CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is the world’s #1 non-invasive fat reduction treatment. CoolSculpting for chin, neck and jawline is a highly effective procedure. Whether you call it a double chin, buccula, wattle, turkey neck, jowls, chinsulation or selfie-killer, CoolSculpting is ready to bust stubborn fat around the neck, chin and jawline.

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    Safe & Effective Fat Reduction

    Safe and effective, CoolSculpting for chin, neck and jawline is FDA approved to reduce fat by freezing cells which are then eliminated naturally by the body. The CoolSculpting process – cryolipolysisliterally freezes fat cells causing them to program themselves to naturally self-destruct through the process of apoptosis. CoolSculpting eliminates fat cells in the chin and neck so that they never come back, from ear to ear if desired. CoolSculpting can handle any double chin, reducing the appearance so a turkey neck is not the first thing people notice.

    CoolSculpting for chin and neck will reduce 20% of the fat on average along the jawline with each treatment. Your free consultation will include measurement of the treatment area and development of a personalized treatment plan to achieve your desired goals for neck and chin fat reduction. Whether you want to remove a lot or a little, CoolSculpting for the chin, neck and jawline at New Radiance Cosmetic Centers can achieve the full results you want.

    Results – Before and After Images*

    CoolSculpting for Chin – Female 1

    coolsculpting for chin neck jawline results female 3
    coolsculpting for chin neck jawline results female 4

    CoolSculpting for Chin – Male 1

    coolsculpting for chin neck jawline results male 2
    coolsculpting for chin neck jawline results male 1

    CoolSculpting for Chin – Female 2

    coolsculpting for chin neck jawline results female 2
    coolsculpting for chin neck jawline results female 1

    CoolSculpting for Chin – Female 3

    coolsculpting for chin neck jawline results female 6
    coolsculpting for chin neck jawline results female 5

    What can you expect after treatment?

    Freezing that stubborn chin and jaw fat causes some mild swelling and numbness for several days after the procedure. This is normal and expected since your chin and jawline areas have been exposed to super low temperatures. The effect is mild and gone after a short time. As with any cosmetic procedure, the amount of time varies for each person.

    Over the next 12 weeks, your body will eliminate the fat cells in the treatment area. The results are gradual and similar to dieting. You will simply sit back and watch that double chin get smaller and smaller.

    What if multiple CoolSculpting treatments for the double chin are needed to achieve my desired results?

    CoolSculpting for the chin and neck is the same as CoolSculpting for any other area of the body. If you want more fat reduction, you can have another CoolSculpting treatment in the same area to eliminate more fat. FDA studies for the use of CoolSculpting for double chin found that two treatments in the same area produced the full results desired in the area directly behind the chin.

    Using the latest advancements in CoolSculpting technology – released after that study was conducted – we’re able to treat the entire area along the jaw line. Depending on the amount of fat, it’s possible to reach your desired results in one treatment.

    What about loose skin after treatment?

    For some, a double chin is a combination of fat and loose skin. Loose skin is not fat and is not treated by CoolSculpting. During the 12 weeks after treatment, your skin will have time to gradually retract and tighten as the fat is eliminated. However, if you already have loose skin, reducing fat will not tighten it.

    After CoolSculpting, we can tighten that loose skin with other procedures such as Exilis Ultra or Ultherapy. New Radiance Cosmetic Centers includes one free Exilis Ultra skin tightening treatment 12 weeks after your CoolSculpting procedure to maximize results, a $250 value! These treatments use RF or ultrasound technology to stimulate your body’s regenerative response to increase elastin and collagen production. This gently & gradually restores elasticity to the skin as well as its underlying tissues.

    We have an incredible array of non-invasive, safe and effective treatments for fat reduction and skin tightening all under one roof at New Radiance Cosmetic Centers. With our expert staff using the latest technology advances, we’re confident you can say goodbye to that double chin and prepare to show off your fully defined jawline to the world.

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